What types of cases

Situations of grief and loss, Advance Care Planning (ACP) and difficult end-of-life conversations, family situations such as parenting-related challenges, caregiver stress and inter-generational conflict, traumatic events and general mental health issues (stress, anxiety, depression) are the types of cases that I have had experience with. However, I strongly believe in not waiting to seek therapy only when the situation has spiralled out of control. Talking to a therapist/counsellor at an early stage may sometimes provide the relief and clarity that you need.

One or more therapeutic modalities may be used for the relief of strong emotions, alleviation of negative feelings such as guilt, anxiety, pain, emptiness, fear etc. The therapeutic modalities used include Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Person-centred Therapy and others. More information about these can be found under ‘Additional Resources’.

For any other issue you would like to seek help for, feel free to enquire.

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