L.H., 42 yrs old mother

“I have a son with special needs and his early years were particularly difficult for me to manage. An incident had occurred at another child’s birthday party and we had to leave the party mid-way feeling overwhelmed, helpless and judged by others. I felt lousy for a long time and had become highly reactive in public situations that my son would always get himself into. That led to a lot of self-doubt about my ability to be a good mother.

When I told Eiling this, she suggested for us to use the EMDR method to process the memory of the incident. I was a bit skeptical at first, especially during the first session when nothing much seemed to be happening. In fact, I felt incredibly sleepy and almost fell asleep couple of times. But during the second session, for reasons that I cannot explain, the treatment worked exactly the way it should. It was like opening the floodgates!

At the end of it, Eiling had skillfully helped me to realise that I am a good mother after all! Because of that, I lost the previous negativity about myself and my son. I was able to ‘let go’ of that horrible memory that affected me in my job as a mother. Eiling was empathetic and reassuring throughout. And I am super glad that I decided to give EMDR a try!”