D.EAT.H Workshop

***With COVID-19 update***

This workshop is currently suspended till further notice. Yet, at this time, the topic of death is a pertinent one. Death anxiety affects many people, to different extents. If you want to talk to someone about it, please feel free to reach out.


Death is a natural, yet scary, concept to most people. In this series of workshops, we turn death into something much more palatable by using food as a theme. For the first workshop, we will do that by talking and sharing with one another your idea of your last meal on earth. If you are going to die the next day, what would you eat? Is it a bowl of Mum’s chicken soup; prawn noodles or nasi lemak from your favourite hawker; or will you whip up a feast for yourself? Be as vivid as possible! Through this little activity, we will perhaps get to explore our own uncertainties about death and dying, what really matters to us, as well as what it means to be alive and living.

This is a single session workshop (about 1 hour) that is completely free for interested members of the public. Please contact me through the contact form. Once I have collected enough interest to start a small group, we will confirm the date, time and venue.

If you represent a school or organisation, I am able to conduct this workshop for a fee. Please feel free to get in touch.

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